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Koh Samui zip line cable ride: Sky Hawk Gold, Silver

Adult ฿1500

Koh Samui zip line cable ride

Cable ride is one of the most popular Koh Samui tours. It is a great sport, a maximum of fun and unforgettabe experience.

Sky Hawk Silver, Gold

The biggest and longest cable ride on Koh Samui. We proudly present the new cable ride on Koh Samui, the Skyhawk Adventure, opened in 2017.

The cable ride is located in the virgin tropical jungle. Flying through the air you will learn the joy of true freedom and the art of controlled flight. A real thrill, the ultimate experience! Enjoy the exotic beauty of the waterfall and the local jungle. See the jungle from above, as only monkeys and birds did before you.

The tour price includes coffee, tea, toast and jam, fruit juice and fresh fruit. Cooled drinking water is available all throughout the tour. Safety is ensured by the high-quality Zipline equipment by PETZL, a worldwide standard of safety and reliability. 2 highly trained and friendly instructors will guide you through the cable ride.

Sky Hawk Silver 8 ziplines, 2000 m: ฿1500
3 hour trip morning, noon, afternoon.

  • 2000 m
  • 8 ziplines
  • 13 platforms
  • 1 descents (40m)
  • 2 hanging bridges
  • 2 ladders

Sky Hawk Gold 21 ziplines, 5000 m: ฿1750
4 hour trip morning, noon, afternoon.

  • 5000 m
  • 21 ziplines
  • 33 platforms (200m, 400m, 600m)
  • 3 descents (30m, 20m, 40m)
  • 3 hanging bridges
  • 4 ladders
  • 2 corridor sky walkways

Sky Fox 10 ziplines, 850 m

Cable ride offers 11 lines totalling 850 meters. This is the route of an adventurer seeking the rush of adrenaline in the wild jungles. The cable ride is in the very heart of the tropical island. You will learn more about the northern and southern parts of Koh Samui and admire the scenic views of a waterfall, the sea and the island. You will see Koh Samui from a new perspective- from a bird's-eye-view. The tour is suitable for kids over 10 years old.

Sky Fox 10 ziplines, 850 m: ฿1600
3 ½ hour trip morning or afternoon.

Tour description

Transfer from/to hotel is included. At the camp, experienced instructors will teach you to use the equipment. Trained specialists will accompany you on the ride and will make sure you enjoy the flight safely. Now, are you ready to go on the most memorable adventure of your life?

What to Bring

Comfortable shoes for walking in the jungle, comfortable clothes and a camera

Tour Includes

  • Hotel transfers
  • Accident insurance
  • Training and safety guide
  • Quality safety equipment

Pick-Up Times
Choengmon, Bangrak 08.45 - 09.00 11.45 - 12.00 13.45 - 14.00
Chaweng 09.00 - 09.15 12.00 - 12.15 14.00 - 14.15
Bophut, Chaweng Noi 09.15 - 09.30 12.15 - 12.30 14.15 - 14.30
Maenam, Lamai 09.30 - 09.45 12.30 - 12.45 14.30 - 14.45
Bangpor, Lipa Noi 09.45 - 10.00 12.45 - 13.00 14.45 - 15.00

Zip line cable ride Prices
Sky Fox 10 ziplines, 850 meters ฿1600
Sky Hawk Silver 8 ziplines, 2000 meters ฿1500
Sky Hawk Gold 21 ziplines, 5000 meters ฿1750

Cable ride is not suitable for clients with weight over 120 kg, pregnant women, young kids (up to 6 years old) and clients with recent surgery (less than 6 months), high blood pressure, asthma, infectious deseases

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