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Jawaher Walid - 02 September 2022 -
Jawaher Walid

Amazing full day Tour! Everyone on-board was helpful, fun, and informative. The tour was well organized, full day of activities, and so many things to do.

Meryl Schmidt - 31 August 2022 -
Meryl Schmidt

Great tour with good program and great team. This is amazing place that everyone should visit! Pleasant impressions that remain in memory for a long time! The view is charming from a high point. It’s about half an hour walk on a rocky path. But it's worth the effort to see the views from the top. While kayaking, you explore beautiful beaches with fine light sand, surrounded by coral reefs. Thank you. You made our day.

Camilla - 20 December 2021 -

Cool! really liked it. The team is cheerful and responsive. An interesting excursion, we saw a lot, tried a lot. The 5 year old son was very impressed, his mouth did not close the next day, he retells all the time. Recommend. Alex, thank you.

- 11 August 2019 -

We are really happy about the tour we had today! Chang (don’t know if it’s spelled correctly) and his team were super friendly and well-organised. The speedboat was very modern and well-equipped. Angthong Nationalpark is really breathtaking and we can only recommend hiking up the 500m to enjoy the spectacular view around the area! Of course, some areas are really busy as many tours are leaving Koh samui on a daily basis - but we still thought it to be completely worth it! Thanks GoSamuiTours :)

- April 15 2018 -

Everything's great! Organization and service are of high level, everything is right with no delays and waiting. Thai staff is meafpositive. When choosing between kayaking and a visit to the viewpoint we have chosen viewpoint. 500 m up the mountain is not easy but the view is superb. I'm happy with the tour. Thanks to Alex and SamuiTours

- March 13 2018 -

A really well organized tour! Very dynamic, entertaining and comfortable. A special thanks to guide Elena - a real professinal that loves her job and her customers. Thank you!!

- March 06 2018 -

We liked everything! We didn't even want to leave! We've seen the fish! Went up 500 m up the mountain and didn't regret doing this! There are monkeys with babies on the beach. A great sight )) there was also some cave on the beach but we didn't have the time to go there. I really recommend this tour! A special thanks to the guide Arthur for changing our tour dates when we got sick! We are happy with everything! Will definitely book again on our next visit!

- August 31 2017 -

Really liked the tour to Angthong, great organization and a well-spoken Russian guide, great impression) already booking other tours

- August 23 2017 -

Great views. But because of kayaking we haven't seen the 500 m viewpoint and the monkeys. We thought that kayaking would go through the caves and not along the shore for 20 minutes. Also there was no visit to the cave.

- May 04 2017 -

Thanks a lot for an interesting tour! We really liked it! There were four of us. Booked with SamuiTours because we needed a Russian-speaking guide and because we trust them. The tour is very beatiful! Ascending is hard but totally worth it! Thank you once again!!!

- February 18 2017 -
Nina Kutcher

This was another part of our holiday! It is hard to find the words to express how we were impressed by the nature, the atmopshere! I can't stop thanking Samui Tours for the professionalism in picking tours, schedule, the guides! Thank you!

- January 09 2017 -

I took choosing the tour seriously and looked for the best agency on Koh Samui based on a great number of great reviews and I found it - Samui Tours! Now I feel I have to express my delight as well. The coordinated work of the organizators from the moment of choosing the tour to returning the happy tourists afterwards has impressed me! I've never met such attentive and always smiling people before! A special thanks to the guide Arthur that will narrate and show and help with all questions! The tours themselves are incredibly interesting, intense, beautiful - this is the Koh Samui one wants to come back to! Will definitely book the tours we missed on our next visit! Thanks a lot to you, guys!

- August 31 2016 -

My husband and I visited Angthong park a few days ago! We had a great time, I recommend going up to the 500 m point (attention! wear sensible shoes), we were tired but really happy with our day! Thanks to the Samui Tours company for this trip, everything was superb! We are especially grateful to guide Arthur for the kind treatment)))))

- April 03 2016 -
Alla Rombalskaya

We went on a tour to Angthong park. We liked everything. Thanks to the organizators for the coordinated work and a especially to guide Arthur. The tour itself was eventful, interesting and unforgettable.

- February 22 2016 -
Alex Trasck

I really liked the tour to Angthong park. Incredibly beautiful islands. Recommended. Thank you for the Russian-speaking service. A special thanks to guide Arthur.

- May 24 2018 -

Thank you so much for organizing this tour for me. Seeing all this beauty with my own eyes is precious. The organization, the guide, lunch, the islands-everything was great. Going up the mountain also wasn't too hard but what a view 👍👍👍👍. And then the next mountaintop. Wow, it was breathtaking. The day went by really quickly. Thanks a lot and I already dream of the next visit to Koh Samui.😋🤗

- February 28 2017 -
Nina Kutcher

Thanks a lot to Tatiana and Arthur for a great holiday! So many great impressions and emotions!

- 11 July 2019 -

Fantastic experience, friendly staff - particularly the instructors, glad I did the Sky Hawk 21, never to old at 72.

- February 13 2018 -

We chose the 21 platform version last year, the organization was great. The best entertainment on Koh Samui.

- July 18 2017 -
Elena Fedetz

It was a really cool adventure!!! Superb organization!!! Great staff on cable ride!!! Super emotions!!! Thank you so much!!! Choosing the next one already)))))

- February 12 2018 -

A great company, very friendly people! Everything is well organized, right on time. Definitely recommended. PS A special great thanks to Natasha for the Sail Rock))

- February 06 2018 -

This is undescribable! This is a must! At first I didn't really want to go, there were doubts, fear. But everything went away with a great instructor and a good team. And once I went under , that was it, this was enough to understand that this is worth living for! Thank you for one of the most memorable events in my life!

- February 18 2017 -
Nina Kutcher

I've always wanted to do this! I'm grateful to the instructor for the quick and clear training! The photos can't convey what I have seen unfer the water! Thailand is a Paradise! Recommended!

- January 27 2017 -
Tatiana Makarenko

Thanks to the team for the perfect organization diving tour, advice and support in all questions! This was a first dive in our lives, therefore we were worried especially because we had our 8-year old son with us. A special thanks to instructor, an incredibly positive guy, he found common ground with the child at once and explained and showed everything clearly. I don't know how he managed to do this but he was everywhere at once. We dived by the Koh Nang Yuan, the underwater world is incredible! Will definitely return!

- May 13 2018 -

Really really great! Everything's greatly organized! An interesting tour and riding on the jeep roof as a bonus!

- November 13 2017 -

A great tour, our son 3+ was riding on the roof (yes, Mom allowed - I still can't believe it :)) really liked everything: sights and elephant ride, superb views and the waterfall is super. We wanted to go up to the highest point but didn't, there was little time and our son was already tired. Should be booked twice - it is worth it :)

- March 12 2017 -
Anna Kufliskaya

I loved it! Recommended to all who want to venture into the incredible world of the island! To feel and get invigorated by the atmosphere of the magical garden, to relax and get refreshed at the foot of a waterfall with lovely fish, what could be better?) Getting united with the nature and the lovely views all around. Thank you so much ofr the unforgettable experience. I will reveal a secret: dreams do come true. And if you don't believe me - just go on this tour

- February 18 2017 -
Nina Kutcher

A great adventure for the whole family! The experience is unforgettable! The nature, the animals! The time truly flies by! If we come again we will definitely go on this tour again! Thanks to the experienced driver for the safety!

- January 27 2017 -
Tatiana Makarenko

A great, well-organized adventure! And unforgettable view from the highest point of the island, swimming in the waterfall, elephants, crocodiles, very beautiful temples, so many experiences in one day! And though it was the rainy season it was really cool, we went on a real safari, had a great time and enjoyed every moment! Very good driver and guide. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!

- January 11 2017 -

We really liked it!! Rode on the jeep roof, undescribable, extreme))) jungle, mountains, Buddha, temples, elephants, crocodiles. One day and so many emotions and experiences! In short, recommended!

- December 14 2016 -
Sasha Sedova

Thanks a lot for the jeep safari! We really liked guide Lisa: she was friendly and knowledgeable. A good driver: drives well, makes jokes well. We liked a ride to the highest point of the island (especially if on the seats on the top of the roof), a visit to the temple, waterfall and elephant ride. The lunch was also great!

- August 18 2016 -
Ekaterina Leunova

Thank you for the tour! Everything is great! Guide Lisa is lovely! And the driver was the best - merry, funny, courteous!!!! Thaaanks a lot!

- March 23 2016 -
Tatiana Mikheeva

Hi there! I am back at home already but beautiful Samui is still on my mind. An incredible island. There is something special in it. And I wouldn't have thought like this if not for the tours. I really liked the island tour on jeeps. The whole island in one day: sights, temples, waterfalls, incredible nature. Amazing colors. The elephant ride, monkeys, crocodile show - never fail to impress. And the tasty lunch. And what a view from the top of the Buddha temple. I recommend this tour to all! Go, you won't regret it!!!

- November 13 2017 -

It was cool! But jetpack requires a certain level of fitness so if you're not good at press-ups you will be riding the waves on your belly. The seating is steel and overweight men will be really uncomfortable! Use the extra lifejacket underneath! And flyboard is not as hard as it seems and the drive is undescribable! One should know how to swim and dive to avoid gulping water! ;)

Michiel van Wieringen - 27 July 2022 -
Michiel van Wieringen

We have done the 3-hours tour to Koh Matsum and Koh Taen and was a great experience that I can recommend to everybody! Almost 2-hours real jetski time, pig hugging, snorkeling and relaxing… wow what a day! Well organized and nice guide too.

- April 16 2017 -

Took my family to the Angthong national marine park. A wonderful, full of great impressions ride! The captain took us past the most picturesque rocks of the park, we relaxed on a marvelous small beach, snorkeled and rode the floating donut with kids - it was fun! A great trip!

- March 18 2018 -

I would like to thank this company, the time flew by really quick, I wanted to stay there forever, very beautiful nature, fish, I was exploding with good emotions. The tour was combined and we went with Pegas customers (they paid for this tour much more) but on the same boat with the same guide. I recommend this tour to all!

- December 12 2017 -

A very memorable trip. To see and touch such beauty in person.... Everything is well organized and the rest depends on the company ( if you need one)...

- November 13 2017 -

Hi there! We also went on this tour on november 10, Friday :) 2 adults and a 3+-years old child. We liked the breakfast organization though we had eaten at the hotel. Our guide was a funny Rasta-looking guy Jeremy - very friendly - but very responsible. The boat is really fast but it gets a bit boring to sail for an hour, the best time is when the waves start, then it feels like an attraction with squeals and screams :) The first stop is so-so, dead corals, not a single fish, beautiful cliffs, and refreshing was nice. On the second stop the flippers and the plastic bottles were collected - the lunch was good but as usual a bit spicy, if you go with a child try the food yourselves first, ours preferred fruit as he doesn't like spicy. The food was tasty and we ate to our hearts' delight, the drinks are extra but one can buy them easily and comfortably. The place itself is incredibly beautiful. The sundecks on the beach in 2m from the water do annoy, the price is not much 150 baht but we wanted just to lie down on the sand.

- March 12 2017 -
Anna Kuflinskaya

This is love from first sight! The place I want to come back to. Seeing the underwater world is unforgettable. Colorful fish, clear waters, white sand - this is my paradise. Organizators - well done. The service was of the highest quality.

- February 28 2017 -

The tour is amazing, thank you so much for this experience. Everything was organized superbly!

- December 11 2016 -
Natalia, Alexander

Coming to Koh Samui and not seeing Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan with our own eyes would have been a crime! We got lucky and we saw another one of Thailand's enchanting, amazing places! The day flew by but will stay forever in our memories and hearts. )))) The tour organization was great, all in time and according to the program.

Avantika Malik - 04 September 2022 -
Avantika Malik

It was lovely VIP tour. Thank you so much. We had a great time

- April 16 2018 -

We went on the military jeep Safari tour on April 9. The tour includes quite a lot, we have visited the main sights of Koh Samui. Lost of positive emotions, photos and pleasant memories. We took a risk and rode on the jeep's roof - the emotions are simply underscribable :))) The view from the highest point of the island was impressive, the weather was cloudy and it made it seem like one could touch the sky. Incredibly beautiful :))) The organization was fine, the pickup from the hotel was on time and they brought us back to the hotel as well.

- February 24 2018 -

A great tour, good guide, rich program

- March 18 2017 -

We went on tour yesterday. The impression is over the top, of course. Everything is interesting and exciting. I advise to ride a baby elephant during the elephant show instead of the elephant ride. It is much more interesting than a simple ride. One should definitely ride on a jeep's roof. The drivers find it hilarious when the girls scream. The downside of the tour is the guide, we didn't learn anything new apart from the information in the leaflet. So her presence made no difference. And we specifically booked a Russian-speaking guide. But all in all, we liked everything a lot.

- December 11 2016 -
Natalia, Alexander

To explore Koh Samui, the tour "Koh Samui military jeep safari" is the best. In one day, we have seen all the main sights of the island, learned a lot of interesting things, had a lot of pleasant emotions and photo-video-documented memories:))) The organization is 100% according to the description of the tour, plus merry staff:))) make sure to ride on the roof, it's an unforgettable adrenalin rush and the feeling of flight!!! :))) Definitely recommended!!!

- November 18 2016 -
Ruslan, Zoe, Dima, Tali

The tour was very interesting, a very fun guide (Natalie), the driver Reero was cool, a whole day full of non-stop adrenalin, Thank you!

- October 05 2016 -
Sergey Sergeevich

Went on a military jeep safari. We speeded up all over the island from the morning to the evening and had tons of positive emotions. The tour turned out to take a lot of time but provided a lot of content. I liked the possibility of riding on the roof of a jeep in the mountains, among palm trees and incredible views. Hold tight!:) Everything else is also interesting - the elephant show, the coconut farm, the rubber tree demonstration. The sights - big Buddha, the monk that meditates, waterfalls and the rest. There was a lunch:) An energetic Russian-speaking guide, drivers that enjoy a joke. The pickup and the dropoff were at the hotel.

- September 03 2016 -

A great tour, a rich program. One can't go this far and high up without a tour, and it is magical in the mountains, very beautiful. A great organization, the guide and the driver were always on time!

- June 15 2016 -

I really liked the jungle jeep-safari tour. Good service, good guide, a very merry driver. The pickup from the hotel arrived on time. We had a great time, saw and learned a lot of interesting things, took wonderful pictures. We are especially grateful to our guide Vladislav. A tour to be recommended to friends!

- February 11 2018 -

We went yesterday... No complaints for the tour organizators, this website is fine, booking should be done beforehand - today for the next day. If you get there on your own the price for you will be the same as for us with transfers there and back included. Interacting with the elephants is in itself interesting but if you have done the ride before you don't need to do it again on Koh Samui. There is no elephant path here. After 10 minutes it becomes boring. So don't take 45 minutes of "relaxing"- you will be dead from boredom by the end of the ride. Bananas for the elephant - 100 baht per bunch. In all other elephant places it's 30 baht and you can decide how many to take: two, three or more. Feeding an elephant is a bliss though not on the way but afterwards, from the elevation.

- May 24 2018 -

Friends, this is not just recommended, this is a MUST 👍!!! Being adults we had fun like kids. Feeding birds, animals, petting and holding them, taking lost of pictures - all of this can be done in this wonderful park. And of course, the POOL (at the top of the mountain) with a view over Koh Samui. Thanks to Samui Tours, I recommend this tour to all that still have doubts 😀👍.

- June 14 2017 -

Hello! A great calm 3-4 hour tour for the whole family and kids of any age. Apart from the described attractions there is a good playing ground for kids, a restaurant with good food (overpriced, of course) and a swimming pool with an incredible view for refreshment after going up or down in the heat. Samui Tours organization is flawless.

- February 18 2017 -
Nina Kutcher

We have been to the zoos before, of course, but this one impressed both adults and kids! We fed and petted all animals, took many pictures! Everything was so bright, so colorful!

- January 27 2017 -

A wonderful petting zoo! We fed the deer, ostrichs, very colorful pigeons, took photos holding an iguana! It is OK to pet, both kids and us were overjoyed! And of course the unforgettable swimming pool with the view over the islands! Recommended to all!

- November 13 2017 -

Oh, it was really great and unforgettable, be sure to take 2 hours :) no spoilers but it was worth it! We went with a child of 3+ and he was ecstatic! Most recommended!

- April 28 2023 -
Alex Zhutov

Went on a fishing tour on 27.04.23

The boat: a big fishing boat used solely for the tourist fishing trips. There are "amenities".

The fishing: They take you to several spots where you do your best to catch fish with spinning rods. The big fish is for BBQ, the small catch is for bait for you or the next group. Food and water: Rice and a couple of traditional dishes. We really liked it, most restaurants offer worse. Drinking water - almost unlimited.

PS: take usual and dry tissues, they will come in handy. And don't forget the towels if you plan swimming. And of course the sun cream - there is little shade out in the sea and the sun is fierce.

Nata, Vladi - 04 March 2023 -
Nata, Vladi

We went on tour in February. Everything is well organized: a transfer in a comfortable minivan at exactly the specified time, a boat for 4 people is comfortable, the crew of the boat is friendly. On the boat water, fruit. Pleasant sea excursion, cute pigs. Satisfied, we recommend. Nata, Vladi

- September 06 2016 -

We went to the jewellery shop, the offer was great, lots of jewellery made of pearls and for every pocket. We were happy with the trip!