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Jetpack on Koh Samui

30 minutes ฿3000

Jetpack on Koh Samui

Are you tired of routine? Do you want some great adventure, fresh wind and bright sun? Then it's time to try jetpack! It is great fun - flying over water with jetpack on your back.

Why choose jetpack

If you've never tried water sports you shouldn't deny yourself the pleasure. You don't need special and lengthy training. You just put on an aquapack and it's doing all the work for you. A jetpack lifts you up over the water thanks to a powerful water jet provided by the jetski vent. You can go up to 10 m high and stay there. Imagine this feeling - you soar over the waves, perform tricks and fly with the speed of up to 50 km/h!

Is it safe?

We offer tours that have the risk minimized. You are guaranteed an accident insurance. The tour price includes the services of a professional instructor that will train and control you for 20 minutes. The instructor will teach you everything: how to go up, make turns, hover and go down. Are 20 minutes enough? Sure, and the next half an hour you will enjoy the flight on your own. Jetpack equipment keeps you safe. It also looks cool on you in the photo.

Jetpack tour on Koh Samui is a great kind of leisure activity. A couple in love can book a double flight and soar up together. Book this tour as a gift to your friends or to yourself! Water adventure awaits you!

What to Bring

Swimming clothes, Sun protection, Camera, Towel

Tour Includes

  • Hotel transfers
  • Accident insurance
  • Full training
  • Safe equipment

Tour starts at 09.00
Tour starts at 13.00

30 minutes
Jetpack + Flyboard (30+30 min)

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