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TopCats lake fishing on Koh Samui

5 hours ฿3500

Lake fishing on Koh Samui

Not every fisherman can boast of having fished in a tropical lake. TopCats Lake fishing is a unique oportunity to test your skills and to get lucky to catch a giant fish. There are more than 30 kinds of fish and 4000 specimen in our lake. The average weight of caught fish is about 30 kg but if you are really lucky you can pull out a real monster weighing up to 150 kg.

The lake occupies the territory of more than 60 m2 and is 8 m deep. There are cozy pavilions along the shore to protect you from the sun and to keep you comfortable. If you get hungry or would like a cooled drink, our restaurant is right nearby. The waiter will bring your order to the pavilion so that you don't have to take your eyes of the bobbers.

Giant Siamese carp

Do you love fishing for carp? Our lake has 6 kinds of carp.

  • Giant Siamese carp - 77 kg
  • Julian's Golden carp - 25 kg
  • Catla Indian carp - 25 kg
  • Rahu Indian carp - 20 kg
  • Asian Bighead carp - 27 kg
  • Koi carp - 20 kg

Natural habitat and balanced diet have allowed us to raise some unique specimen of incredible sizes for you. Our staff will instruct you about the best fishing methods and baits needed to catch each specific specimen.

Giant Arapaima

Our lake boasts 2 really unique fish, legendary arapaimas that grow up to 4 m in length and 300 kg in weight. Fishermen from all over the world come to us just for these beauties. We can help you make your dream come true with a special Arapaima package.

What to Bring

Sun protection, Sunglasses, Camera

Daily Pricing Includes

  • 2 Rod set up and rod pods (1 predator rod allowed)
  • Century rods, Shimano reels, Gamma line, Pallatrax end tackle, Delkim alarms
  • 1 Full bait pack, Pallatrax pop ups & 1kg boilies
  • Help of a fully trained fishing guide
  • Comfortable shaded fishing Salas with power & 5G WI-FI
  • Electric fan as required
  • Waitress service
  • Prices are per person fishing

1/2 Day Morning Session (8am-2pm) 6 hours ฿3500
1/2 Day Predator Session (2pm-8pm) 6 hours ฿4000
Full Days Fishing 12 hours ฿6000
Arapaima* ฿10000


Transfer to the TopCats lake and back is paid separately: 1000 THB.

Boilies are made on site and no outside bait is allowed, to preserve the integrity & longevity of the stock. Expect to pay 500-1,500 THB on top of your day entry.

* A specially trained assistant will prepare the equipment and the bait and will help you to catch the magnificent Arapaima - fishing duration 5 hours.

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