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Shopping on Koh Samui


Free transfer to Koh Samui shops

Shopping tour is a unique opportunity to visit the best shops of Koh Samui on a comfortable car with a private driver that will pick you up from your hotel at your preferred time and will take you back when you finish. This service is free and provided by the shops you will visit and the prices will be the same as for walk-in customers.

The best shops of Koh Samui take care of their clients and they always provide a consultant to help with shopping. We are offering you the best wares of the island: latex products, jewellery from the Royal jewellery shop, snake and crocodile leather products, natural Thai skincare, ayurvedic products, high quality Thai tea, highly efficient medicine made with snake venom and snake organs.

Book a free transfer to the shops of your choice and enjoy shopping comfortably.

Royal jewellery shop

Our shop offers jewellery made of white and yellow gold and silver. A big choice of jewellery will impress any customer. Experienced consultants will help you to choose items with stones that best suit and enhance your personal traits.

Latex products shop

Thailand is a world-leading supplier of latex. In our shop you can buy 100% natural latex pillows and mattresses at best price. Don't worry about portability, our vacuum equipment will pack your purchase into a small box.

Snake and crocodile leather products shop

Items made of natural leather are valued all over the world. Koh Samui offers you a unique opportunity to buy high quality exotic leather products made by local craftsmen. Bags, purses, wallets, shoes and other accessories await you.

Thai skincare, ayurvedic products and tea shop

Natural Thai skincare is miraculous. You will fall in love with it from the first try. In our shop you can buy natural Thai skincare and ayurvedic products at best prices. You also have an opportunity to buy unique healing kinds of tea grown in the north of Thailand.

Snake farm with snake venom medicine

Medicine based on snake organs and venom are proved to be effective for cancer treatment and to enhance immune system. Many tourist come to Thailand to buy this medicine. Now you can experience their miraculous effect too.

Royal jewellery shop
Latex products shop
Snake and crocodile leather products shop
Snake farm with miraculous snake venom medicine
Thai skincare, ayurvedic products and tea shop

Transfer from hotel and back

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