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Adventures in Ang Thong National Marine Park

Ang Thong

Ang Thong National Marine Park

Today, I'm heading out to explore the gem of Samui island's surroundings, the stunning and picturesque Ang Thong archipelago.

A comfortable minibus picked me up right from my home at 7:30 in the morning, bright and early, and brought me to the pier, where our adventure is set to begin. The breakfast provided at the pier by the tour organizer set the mood for the whole day. Toast with butter and jam, coffee, and watermelon.

After a few formalities, signing the insurance forms, and receiving a raspberry thread bracelet on my wrist, the cheerful and well-fed group of tourists boarded the boat and set off towards a day filled with adventure! A pleasant surprise awaited us a large refrigerator at the back of the boat filled with complimentary drinks, at our disposal throughout the trip!

The breakfast on the Ang Thong Ang Thong

Let me tell you separately about the boat

Four massive Honda engines roar as they slice through the turquoise water, creating white splashes that extend several meters behind the boat. Hair and hats flutter in the wind as we speed forward, heading towards the Ang Thong islands!!!

Ang Thong speed boat Ang Thong speed boat

In total, there are 42 islands, big and small, and our first stop is the largest and most prominent one - Mu Ko. Here, our group faces the first challenge as we ascend to the mountaintop, offering a breathtaking view of the Ang Thong archipelago. It's an opportunity to appreciate the picturesque beauty of all these 42 islands.

The ascent and descent from the mountain take no less than an hour, and it feels as if nature itself crafted the steps. Nature also ensured that tourists who had been lounging on the beaches, after conquering the 500-meter climb, would once again feel strong and athletic.

beach in Ang Thong Ang Thong

Climbing up is not easy, but the view that unfolds from the observation decks is definitely worth it! The key is not to forget about comfortable footwear; flip-flops are not your best friends here. There are a total of 5 observation decks, spaced approximately every 100 meters, and even young children and seniors can manage to ascend at least to the first one.

stairs to Ang Thong lookout in Ang Thong view of the islands in Ang Thong

Good route

On the trip to Ang Thong, we visit 4 islands, each offering different activities. At each stop, our guide carefully adjusts our route, changing the order if necessary, to ensure we don't encounter crowds of Chinese tourists. While they go snorkeling, we conquer the mountain, and when we go kayaking, the boats with Chinese tourists dock at another island. After overcoming the ascent and descent, forming a bond, and counting the islands we've visited, we proceed to the next point on our itinerary - kayaking!!!

view from the lookout in Ang Thong lookout in Ang Thong plaque in Ang Thong


A kayak is a brightly colored plastic boat. Each person is given a paddle and seated in a kayak. There are many kayaks available, allowing families to paddle together or individuals to enjoy some solitude. Everyone also has a life jacket, which were placed on the seats of the boat when we set off. The guide leads our group between the islands, and we approach sheer rock walls, glide beneath overhanging cliffs, and even venture into a cave! It's an incredible and refreshingly immersive experience!

At this point in the itinerary, it's highly beneficial to have long-sleeved clothing or sunscreen to prevent sunburns, as it's easy to get sunburned on the water, especially during the approximately one-hour kayak ride! After the kayaking excursion, the group was treated to a buffet-style lunch. It couldn't have come at a better time right after the paddling adventure!

kayaks in Ang Thong by boat in Ang Thong cave in Ang Thong

Emerald lake

The third island we arrived at was the most unusual! Inside, right at its center, there is a lake that used to be part of the sea. However, after a coastal collapse, it turned into a closed body of water with a unique ecosystem.

beach on the lake in Ang Thong landing in Ang Thong emerald lake in Ang Thong emerald lake

Do you think that's all? No, there's one more island ahead, and another unforgettable visit awaits us! We're going to visit the fish, snorkeling! Everyone was given masks and snorkels, and our boat anchors near one of the islets. Wearing life jackets, everyone, including children, eagerly went to observe the underwater inhabitants. Everyone is excited - some are thrilled to watch, while others proudly display their vibrant colors and reveal the wonders of underwater life.

Snorkeling in Ang Thong snorkeling from a boat in Ang Thong rocks in Ang Thong cliff beach in Ang Thong

Children, in particular, enjoy diving straight off the edge of the boat while snorkeling. Snorkeling typically lasts for about an hour, and it's our final stop. It's time to head back home! The one-hour journey to Samui passes by swiftly, and at the pier, drivers of minibusses await to transport each traveler directly to their homes.

Ang Thong

Now, let's talk about how to get to Ang Thong.
Tour: Ang Thong Marine Park by speed boat