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Top 5 best Koh Samui tours

Top 5 tours with the most favorable reviews

1. Jeep Safari Island tour

The jeep island tour of Koh Samui is undoubtedly the most popular tour on the island. You can choose a tour on the jeeps of two types: all-terrain modern jeeps or military jeeps specially equipped for carrying tourists.

It is up to you to choose the type of vehicle, some like the comfort of modern cars and some seek the thrill of riding unique cars. In any case you will go on an unforgettable journey that will include visits to the island's most popular sights, temples, waterfalls, animal shows, elephant rides and incredible views from the highest viewpoint of Koh Samui that can be reached only by these special jeeps.

I really enjoyed the trip on the jeeps around the island. The whole island in one day, at one glance: sights, temples, waterfalls, the beautiful nature. A ride on the elephant, monkeys, crocodile show - all of this won't leave anyone unimpressed.


2. A private tour with a private guide

A private tour is the most comfortable way to discover Koh Samui. A guide on a private car will pick you up from the hotel at your chosen time. The itinerary is created based on your wishes. If this is your first visit to Koh Samui we will offer you the best itineraries including the most interesting locations of the island.

More temples, more beaches, more sights - and all of this in a comfortable air-conditioned car. If you are on a holiday with kids this is the best tour for you, we have special itineraries created for kids of al ages.

I don't like to be surrounded by many tourists and this is not my and my wife's first visit to Koh Samui. That is why we didn't waste time on picking a tour. We booked a private tour and it was a good choice. The guide came to our hotel and we created an itinerary with only all new places. To our surprise, there were many and we didn't even hear about some beaches before. The tour was great, we are happy!


3. Tropical jungle cable ride

Do you crave some adrenalin? To zip through the tropical jungle high above the ground? To admire Koh Samui from a bird's-eye view from a platform on a huge tree? Our cable ride is just what you need!

Modern equipment from French suppliers and a team of professional instructors will make your ride comfortable and 100% safe. We offer two types of itineraries: 850 m and 2 km long. Both are suitable for first-timers and will impress experienced adrenaline junkies.

Our holiday was nearing its end and I still couldn't master courage for this adventure. My friends really wanted me to come and I gave up. To be honest with you, it wasn't easy to do this for the first time, I made the first step and remembered it for the rest of my life. It is undescribable, like being born anew, both laughter and tears from happiness, emotions were wild. It is a pity that the holiday was so short, I would have done the cable ride again for sure again.


4. ATV safari tour

In places where the roads end and ordinary bikes and cars park on the roadside is the start of our itinerary. New unforgettable emotions from driving a four-wheeled monster capable of overcoming all obstacles await you. If you think that you know Koh Samui like the back of your hand, try the ATV safari, you will be pleasantly surprised by the new discoveries. The jungle of Koh Samui awaits you.

I love ATVs, a drove them everywhere, on the sand in the desert, in the forests and mountain rivers. And of course upon arriving on Koh Samui I sought out information about ATV rental. It turned out that they driving them on the roads is prohibited but it is allowed in the jungle. So Koh Samui is now on my list of ATVed places.


5. Paradise park

Koh Samui has a special place that is definitely worth visiting. The animals here live in spacious enclosures and can be touched and fed by hand. And what a view over Koh Samui shoreline... Paradise park is located on the top of the mountain. The territory includes a swimming pool and a restaurant, enclosures and cages with birds and animals, cozy pavilions and a real tropical garden. This is an ideal place for a family holiday.

A trip to Paradise park left the best impression! It was created with so much care and every corner displays the love and care for nature. Bright birds, colourful pigeons, exotic iguanas and incredibly friendly spotted deer made this day a real Holiday! Many thanks to the tour company for the services, everything was as always - top-level!